Here are a sampling of questions from participants.


Question: What do I do if I took a course that really pertains to some of the competencies? The course has not been approved for certification.

Answer: If this course has contact hours, you can count the hours toward your 60 contact hours. You need to fill out a "Transfer of Learning" form. If there is homework, you need to include the homework with your portfolio. Remember, 45 contact hours must be CLIME/Certification Oversight Committee approved workshops.

Question: When do I fill out a "New Behaviors Check-Off List"?

Answer: It is good to fill out a "New Behaviors Check-Off List" for any class where you see new behaviors you want to try. The check-off lists should be used throughout the program.

Question: I have completed Day 1 and Day 2 of "What Is Library Service?", what do I do now?

Answer: Begin on "Your Development Plan."   It was included in your handouts from Day 2. You need to determine which competencies you have and which competencies you need by completing Your Assessment of Competencies Form.  Instructions for this form are included on this site.

Question: How do I find out about workshops for certification?

Answer: Call your Regional Public Library System and connect with your regional contacts. There are several workshops being planned by the Regional Public Library Systems Round Robins for fall and spring. A schedule of upcoming events may be found on the Program Calendar.

Question: I am unable to attend all the Regional Public Library Systems Round Robins. Can I take library classes at the local college?

Answer: You can develop your own program. Use "Your Development Plan" to guide you and talk with your Regional Public Library System Steering Committee Member to help you work out a plan.

Question: I am not sure where I fit into certification since I have an MLS?

Answer: With an MLS, you can still attend the programs.  Many MLS staff find Day 1 and Day 2 sessions tremendously helpful!  Also, you could be a mentor for a staff member working on Certification Level 1.

Question: I have completed "What Is Library Service" Day 1, and the homework is too hard. Help!

Answer: Read over all the questions first. Choose the question that seems easiest for you. Lots of people like to begin with Assignment Four on the Minnesota Statutes. This seems to be the easiest for most people. For the other assignments, answer them one step at a time, and check off each step as you complete the step. Some of the web sites to help you are listed under "Resources for Workshop Assignments" on the Certification Web Page. Several Regional Public Library Systems, and LDS purchased books from the bibliography in your handouts.

Question: Is children's services included in certification?

Answer: Children's Services as a speciality area are included in Career Renewal.

Certification Level 1 addresses general areas of library service to provide a background.

"What Is Library Service Day 1 and Day 2?" has assignments that can include children's services. Assignment Two, Option One, "Select a service or operation for your library that must meet formal requirements." This service can be children's as well as any other service. Many of the other assignments allow you to select a service, policy, or community to describe or evaluate. This can be children's service areas. Assignment Three, Option Four, relates directly to the John Newbery Medal.

CLIME has approved several regional workshops for children: (1) Cyberkids Read! A Children's Tutorial sponsored by St. Paul Public. This met some of the public services and technical service competencies. (2) Annual Summer Reading Kickoff sponsored by SELCO met some of the philosophy and public services competencies. (3) Exploring Values in Children's Literature sponsored by Lake Agassiz Regional Library met some of the public services competencies.

Question: Can I start Certification at anytime?

Answer: Yes, check the Program Calendar and contact your Regional Library System for dates of the next "What Is Library Service Day 1."

Question: Can I take other workshops/classes for Certification before I take "What Is Library Service?"

Answer: Yes, contact your Regional Public Library System for a copy of "Your Development Plan" and to inform them you are interested in Certification.

Question: Where can I find a Mentor?

Answer: Ask your Regional Public Library System for help finding a mentor.

Question: I have attended all the workshops and have completed certification, what do I do next?

Answer: Review the Portfolio page of the Certification Web Page to be sure you have completed your portfolio. Contact the your Regional Public Library System contact.